slovak_flag VIRTUÁLNY SPRIEVODCA, občianske združenie
english_flag VIRTUALGUIDE, Civic Association
Welcome to the website of Virtual Guide !
  • Are you the mayor, superintendent of Department of Regional Development? Do you work for government or public sector?
  • Are you a director of the organization, which covers the development and protection of natural, historical and cultural heritage?
  • Are you a representative of the church or religious organization?
  • Are you a representative of a non-profit or public welfare organization?
  • Are you a director of an educational institution?
This is to let you know that you are in the right place ... We work for you!
Virtual Guide is non-profit non-governmental organization, designed to help promote non-commercial sector (or non-commercial activities) by creating high-quality multimedia presentations with high informational value and possibility of its own financial support for their creation.
Possible profit of NGO is used to support the promotion of Slovakia, the other non-commercial organizations and activities.
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